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Miroslav Krsjak


I'mAn IT specialist


Thinking with the motto "Anything is possible".
I lived through major technical waves in IT, mostly specialized in programming and problem solving utilizing a broad skillset.
Currently working @IBM with NodeJS, ReactJS and RxJS.

Do You have an urgent IT problem? You don't know what technology to use? Do You think a supplier is playing you? Or just want to have a quick chat? Feel free to contact me ... I DO SOLVE problems, for a living and fun.

Hobbies these days include photography, smart devices invention, climbing and cooking ;-)




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27, Jul 2020

Going LASER way

Building a hobby CNC now for several years, yes, years, as I design everything from scratch myself. After the third design iteration, I am finally at a stage to hookup tools and one of them will be probably a LASER. Much research done, and since in the field of lasers, I don't trust the Chinese, I stumbled upon this Endurance Solid build, I think lasers are their hobbies, and at least pre-sale support is good. Stay tuned for some more pictures.

So, why a laser and why a diode laser? Tube lases (CO2) are not really good for a mix-use CNC machine, I needed something de-tachable, thus the only options were diode or fiber lasers. With a low budget, you will find out fiber is out of reach and the diode laser is a perfect match. As per Endurance support, the 15W can do both engrave and light cutting of soft materials, which is enough for starters.

15, Nov 2018

Nymex option data analyzer

As s freelance project I created a complex solution to automatically capture, store and analyse the Nymex/Comex open interest data. The website nymex.brana.sk is the frontend to the data analysis and enables to visualise the option trading data. A cron job fetches the entries, MySQL stores the data, PHP used for calculations, client is ReactJS. PHP is used cause of history purposes, I since moved to NodeJS, but, this project is over 6 years old! Site uses Facebook authentication to keep track on who is using it.

1, Oct 2018

The Lister - mobile application

After a long research period, what mobile application framework to use for development, I ended up with React Native. This first app is a dynamic list keeper, helping to organize shopping lists, stock of items around the house, has bar code scanning feature, hash-tagging, geo feature. With one click, you choose the shop you are at right now, and receive a list of items you should buy. The UI is designed with the aim for the user needing minimum possible interaction, clicks, edits to achieve the goal. The less harassment, the happier the user :) The app is not public, if you want to use it, write me.

20, Sep 2011

Options trading

With gaining interest in the market data analysis, I work on an application to support options trading by fetching the market data, create custom probabilistic indicators (using Markov models), pick trading algorithms. The indicators are used as an input to the genetic trading algorithm finder, which gives you the best trading strategy for options. Steady winnings of 10-30% can be achieved and the algorithm works regarding of the price action - price going down is favorable as price going up. Application is written in C#, C++ modules, Matlab functions for cointegration and colinearity, MS SQL used for data storage, CUDA used to speedup calculations. The algorithm testing C# class compiles dynamically itself in realtime so greater speed is achieved!

20, Sep 2011

Pair trading

Pair trading - or mean reversing trading strategy - can be used to arbitrage the market moves. Being curious if this strategy is worth a penny, I decided to create a pair trading module to my former options trading application. The problem includes finding a pair or set of instruments, which reverts to the mean ratio over time. As for humans the graphs are easier to look at instead of raw data, I created a graph dashboard, showing good order entry and exit points, mean reverting, ect. For practical purposes, I still believe the options strategy cannot be beaten, as it includes far less trades, stress and resources to be run. However, coding this module, I gained again some valuable finance and trading knowledge.